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Hot Stone

is becoming known for its deeply relaxing benefits. Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on specific acupressure points on the body to melt away knots, tension and stress. The hot stone experience relieves pain and promotes harmony, balance and peace.

60 min. $100
90 min. $130

Swedish Massage

uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles. It is used to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and range of motion, and relieve muscle tension.

30 min. $50
60 min. $80
90 min. $110

Medical Massage

Focuses on areas of the body that have chronic strain and fatigue. Deep pressure and advanced techniques are used to increase circulation and flexibility.

30 min. $55
60 min. $95

Our version of Deep Tissue

I feel that true deep tissue is quite painful, and although some people love true deep tissue, I fine quite a few people need deep pressure, not deep tissue. Our deep tissue is more like our Swedish massage, but by listening to what the client says to me  about their chronic body issues and what I feel going on in the muscles, I determine where deep pressure needs to be applied and the client receives Swedish techniques all over the body. The results are the same as Swedish but with longer lasting results and ultimately more daily comfort, especially for those with physical occupations or extreme stress.

60 min. $95
90 min. $125

Pregnancy Massage

Client is side-lying during this treatment. Pillows and blankets are used to support the extra weight and provide comfort for the mother-to-be. Full body massage is done, relieving discomforts pregnancy may bring. A must have for pregnant women.

60 min. $80

Lomi Lomi

Meaning “breaking into small pieces”, this massage is very aggressive in the manipulation of musculature with stretches added to improve flexibility.

30 min. $50
60 min. $90

Herbal Body Wrap

Allow yourself to indulge in the ultimate of relaxation! Your body is massaged with essential oils, after which you are wrapped in a cocoon of blankets with a steamy herb infused linen for approximately 20 min. while enjoying a scalp and facial massage.

60 min. $100
90 min. $135

Body Scrub

This treatment will leave your senses and your skin revitalized with a scrub of sea salt, essential oils, massage oil and even coffee grounds if you’d like! After the scrub is applied, a warm rain of water will cleanse your body leaving you refreshed and radiant!

60 min. $100
90 min. $135





Pacify the mind and touch serenity with a complete De-stressing treatment.  Calm your senses as a hot herbal poultice of sweet orange and eucalyptus and a warm aromatherapy massage soothes your body.  While tension is slowly eased away under a caring touch, you will be guided in tranquil mediation for total peace of mind.  This holistic treatment improves mental clarity leaving a sense of wholesome well-being.  Features: calming Herbal Poultice and Relaxing Body Oil.

90 Minutes…$160.00